On the occasion of World Heart Day, HRH Crown Princess Katherine expresses her concerns regarding the high number of people who suffer from cardiac diseases in Serbia and she is appealing to the people to take special care of their health focusing on their hearts and the entire cardiovascular system. According to the latest European Society of Cardiology guidelines for prevention, Serbia is still among the European countries with the highest risk of dying because of cardiovascular diseases.

The data show that more than 52,000 people die annually from cardiovascular diseases in Serbia, which is the size of one small town. Experts are constantly saying that healthy habits, early diagnosis, and adequate treatment are key to maintaining a strong heart.

„I am deeply concerned when I see the statistics how many people die in our country and the entire world every day from cardiovascular diseases. These numbers could be significantly reduced by making better and healthier life choices. We need to listen to our doctors, take their advice, and change life habits that are endangering our cardiac health, including, stop smoking, control high blood pressure, sugar, and lipids, and improve our daily physical activities. The heart has always been a symbol of love. In order for all of us to be able to feel the love from our dear ones and to spread it further, we need to live longer by taking care of our hearts.

In May this year, my Foundation donated a cardiovascular ultrasound device to the General Hospital in Prijepolje for cardiovascular patients. And we will continue our efforts to enable new similar donations for our hospitals. For many years, my Foundation has also been supporting young doctors in cardiovascular education in the world’s best hospitals. Our doctors who the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation sends abroad, return to our country to share the knowledge they acquired with their colleagues and help the treatment of heart diseases in Serbia. The exchange of knowledge between Serbia and foreign institutions that are high level of medical science is a pillar of a quality health system in Serbia. But we all also need to support our doctors in their efforts. We all need to make an effort, to do something for ourselves, for our family and friends. Take care of your heart for the benefit of all the people that love you.

For over 10 years, my Foundation organizes Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference – SDMC – to develop inter-expert cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience, between Serbian doctors and doctors and medical experts abroad, from all areas of medicine. This Conference brings several hundred doctors from all over the world to Serbia, to create and improve professional relations and to improve the knowledge, for our people to have better medical care”, emphasized HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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