Royal couple deliver a bronchoscope to the Institute for pulmonary diseases in Sremska Kamenica

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited Sremska Kamenica today and delivered a bronchoscope to the Institute for pulmonary diseases. The donation of bronchoscope is worth 20.000 euros and it was enabled thanks to the Boston humanitarian event in June, organized by Dr. Katarina Konrad and Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine.

The Royal couple were welcomed by the Assistant Vojvodina Secretary for Health, Mrs. Ivanka Savic, director of the Institute for pulmonary diseases, Mr. Ilija Andrijevic and Royal Medical Board member, Dr. Nevena Secen, who informed Their Royal Highnesses about the  future needs of this health institution.

Their Royal Highnesses also delivered linen and supporting medical equipment to the Institute for pulmonary diseases and announced that they and their friends from abroad will continue to support and help this institution.

Crown Prince Alexander said that he is proud of his wife Crown Princess Katherine’s work and results of humanitarian organizations of which she is patron.

Crown Princess Katherine in her speech thanked her associates and friends who organized a successful fundraising event that raised funds for the purchase of bronchoscope.

“My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I are very grateful to our friends from abroad who have been supporting our efforts to help our country and our people for more than two decades. The health of our people is of the utmost importance because without people there is no country” – said Crown Princess Katherine.

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