Royal Couple helps homeless refugee children in Greece

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine and sister Mrs. Betty Roumeliotis attended last night a charity dinner for the benefit of unaccompanied refugee children who have come to Greece.

The hosts of this event, held at the at the Metropolitan Club in New York City, were Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine and Bodossaki Foundation from Greece.

Also present where Their Royal Highnesses Prince Philipos and Prince Tatjana of Greece. President of Bodossaki Foundation, Mr. Dimitris Vlastos.

Lifeline New York and Bodossaki Foundation joined to help unaccompanied refugee children who need a home. Thousands of children and teenagers fled to Greece with the migrant waves. Only in the first four months of 2016 more than 1,500 minors without their parents were registered in Greek territory, but at this moment 420 of them are without a home, they are scattered throughout the country and many of them have experienced detention level conditions.

In order to provide security and basic living conditions for these unfortunate children, food and shelter, medical provisions, psychological support, guardianship services and eventually, when it is possible, family reunification procedures, Lifeline New York and the Bodossaki Foundation have joined efforts to raise the necessary funds.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have wholeheartedly supported this humanitarian action.

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