Last night, TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine organize a formal dinner at the White Palace in honour of the 56th Cancer Conference Week. On Wednesday, TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine officialy opened this annual Conference, which is under auspicies of HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Serbia is one of the most vulnerable countries for malignant diseases, and that puts all of the attendees at a formal dinner in the forefront of our nation’s defense. More than 80 doctors and experts from Serbia and abroad attended last night’s gathering and continued the disccusion about the improvement of the oncology healtcare in Serbia. TRH were in presence of Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health Prof. Dr Ferenc Vicko and President of Serbian Medical Society Oncology Section, Prof. Dr Radan Dzodic, with whom they collaborate for years.

“My wife and I are very happy to be the honorary patrons of this gathering, which is extremely important for our healthcare system”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his speech.

In 2019 alone, Princess Katherine Foundation donated 10 infusion pumps, a state-of-the-art Samsung ultrasound device worth over 70,000 euros, genetic testing kits, Toyota car to transport patients undergoing chemotherapy and many other equipment necessary to Oncology hospitals departments, doctors and patients.

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