TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine attended the Annual Benefit Luncheon that was organized by the Humanitarian Organization Lifeline New York, which patron is Her Royal Highness for over 25 years. The event took place on Monday, 24 October at Il Gattopardo Restaurant, in aid of the children’s hospitals in Serbia, continuing the long-time dedicated support to our country.

This humanitarian event with charity auction was attended by HRH Prince Dimitri and Mrs. Tamara Vujovic, Consul of Serbia in New York, together with a large number of other distinguished guests, friends, and benefactors of Lifeline, who once again provided great support and showed their willingness and readiness to help those in need. The Auctioneer on this occasion was famous actor Jack Hartnett.

Crown Prince Alexander greeted all attendees and expressed gratitude for them not forgetting the needs of the people of our country, and supporting the mission of his wife, Crown Princess Katherine, and her dedication to provide aid to all those that are in need, regardless of their race, age, ethnicity or religion.

“I am very happy to be here today, at this Annual Benefit Luncheon of Lifeline New York, so we together can provide much-needed aid to children’s hospitals in Serbia. I am so grateful to all wonderful people who selflessly and with whole hearts joined this fundraising event. Knowing that these joint efforts will contribute to the well-being of children, to their health, brings much joy and comfort. By providing to children, we are ensuring their future, but also the future of all of us.

The love and commitment of all supporters of Lifeline Humanitarian organization, whose proud patron I am, for those that are in need are admirable and deserve every praise. Your support for our efforts has made it possible for so many lives of the people in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska to be touched and changed for the better. Your devotion is giving us the strength to continue our joint mission to always be with our people and to be where help is most needed. Because there are many people who still need our help and support.

We know how we feel about giving life and hope to those who feel that they have been forgotten, and we would never allow the children and the people of Serbia to feel they don’t have the opportunity of what they should, and deserve to have. This is what we want to do because we believe in the joy of giving. We need to make a difference in this world because we have a responsibility, not just for ourselves, but for others, too”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine on this occasion.

We are very grateful to the people and the companies which made the charity auction possible with their generous support: Mr. Zarko Bogojevic and his company BZ Consortium LLC from Wisconsin, House of Shalini, Linda Richards Luxury, HRH Prince Dimitri, Ms. Tamara Vujovic, Consul of Serbia in New York, Mr. Richard Jankov and his wife Margret, Ms. Nicole Miller, Ms. Sheila Hvam Hultgren Giangrande and her daughter Ms. Gwyneth Giangrande who performed, Ms. Rushka Bergman, as well as to all donors and members of Lifeline New York Board of Directors and their team for, once again, showing their commitment and dedication.

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