Sensory room and interactive board gifts of Princess Katherine Foundation to the School for special education “Ivo Lola Ribar” in Kraljevo

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited Kraljevo last weekend. That was the second visit of Their Royal Highnesses to Kraljevo in last two months. During their previous visit to Kraljevo, Crown Princess Katherine visited the School for special education “Ivo Lola Ribar” and donated an Interactive Board provided due to a donation from Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine. This time, Crown Princess Katherine together with Crown Prince Alexander and Ms Mariana Minic, principal of the school, officially opened a sensory room in this school.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine addressed students, their parents and teachers, and said: “My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I are very happy to come to your school again, to deliver a sensory room as we promised. We are bringing this valuable gift thanks to a donation fromLifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, and funds were collected during humanitarian events in Florida in February. I would like to thank them for their humanity and good will that they showed by helping our people for years. I am sure that this valuable donation will help you to study better and easier, and that you and your teachers will use it with pleasure. Dear children, you are our future and we always take you in our hearts. My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to help the Municipality of Kraljevo and other municipalities in Serbia, with the help of our generous friends”, emphasized Crown Princess Katherine.


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