Thanks to the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, the Nelson Family Charitable Foundation and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, the children of the Drinka Pavlovic Orphanage in Serbia were presented with a new computer room in which they will be able to learn, progress and develop their potential. This beautiful new computer room was made possible by a generous donation of $12,500 from the Nelson Family Charitable Foundation.

The computer room was equipped with six brand new computers and printer, was completely renovated and was adapted to the betterment of modern learning. The walls and floors were renovated, new electrical installations and lighting were set up and a new air conditioning unit was installed. The room was also fully equipped with new furniture and equipment: six chairs for the children, a desk and chair for the educators, three large bookshelves, one whiteboard, writing utensils, and two cork boards.

“I am very grateful to Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago and their generous donors who, with this donation, gave children the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop new interests and have fun using modern technology. Thanks to these good people, children from orphanages know that we always think of them, and try to provide them with what they need to develop their potential,” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

The official presentation of the donation was attended by Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Prof. Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević, who thanked the Princess Katherine Foundation for her help and added: “Princess Katherine Foundation has done a lot and during two decades of cooperation numerous projects with concrete results have been realized.. Such donations, always directed where help is most needed, are of great importance to us.”

Zoran Milacic, General Manager of the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth – Zvecanska, affiliated with the Drinka Pavlovic Orphanage, expressed his gratitude to HRH Crown Princess Katherine, The Nelson Family Charitable Foundation, and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago.

“On behalf of the children, I warmly thank HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, who have been generously helping the children in all our institutions for years. The donation of computer equipment by the Nelson family is of great importance because it will help us more easily carry out planned activities and programs,” said Zoran Milacic.

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