Seventh Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference welcome reception at White Palace

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine hosted a reception at the White Palace tonight to mark the beginning of the Seventh Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference. The Royal couple was accompanied by their son by Mr David Andrews and Mrs Betty Roumeliotis, sister of Crown Princess Katherine.

This year’s conference brings together more than 60 lecturers from abroad, including the speakers that come FROM the Mayo Clinic and Harvard, and “covers a wide range of medical sciences, in various fields of medicine, with a focus on endocrinology, cardiology, psychiatry, orthopedics, onkopatologiju, pediatric Hematology and Cardiology.

Speakers and moderators are the most prominent medical experts from Serbia and abroad. This year the Conference is attended by more than five hundred doctors. The objectives of the Conference are to promote cooperation between our doctors and experts in the field of medical sciences from the Diaspora with the institutions and individuals in Serbia, as well as their networking with Serbian academic community.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine welcomed the speakers and thanked them for their efforts and wished that all together help Serbian health system for the benefit of all citizens of our country.

Beside Their Royal Highnesses the guests were greeted by the members of the Royal Medical Board Prof. Ida Jovanovic and Prof. Dusica Babovic, and the director of the Serbian Medical Chamber Dr. Vesna Jovanovic.

Children’s Choir “Magic” enchanted all the guests with their performance.

Seventh Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference will be officially opened tomorrow, at 9:00 am, at the Metropol Palace Hotel.

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