The Christine Vujovich Charitable Trust with the Very Reverend Father Djuro and Protinica Anne Krosnjar, through The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago provided sixty-five new beds with mattresses and bedding sets for all beds, as well as new blankets and pillows at the Jovan Jovanovich Zmaj Orphanage.

The administrators of The Christine Vujovich Charitable Trust (Donna Vujovich, Robert Vukas, Jean Vukas-Roberts, and Daniel Vujovich) donated $25,000 and The Very Reverend Father Djuro and Protinica Anne Krosnjar made a personal donation of $700 to Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, with all funds specifically earmarked for the aforementioned purchases.

“I am very grateful to our people in the diaspora, who continue to raise funds especially in these difficult moments and provide children from the Homes with a happy and carefree childhood. It is very important that children know that they are loved and that they are always in the first place for us,” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Mr. Zoran Milacic, Director of the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth expressed his gratitude on behalf of the staff and of the children who reside at this Home.

“Since its establishment, HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation has been helping children in our institution. This decades-long cooperation has provided our children with better conditions for growing up and development, opened new opportunities for them and supported us educators in broadening the scope of services for the children and youth. We are looking forward to future cooperation and new joint actions,” said Mr. Milacic.

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