There has never been a time that the importance of World Health has been so vital.

The worldwide pandemic is affecting those we love in our country and those we love across the world, and our family wants you to know that we are praying for you.

During these challenging times, it is important to recognize and thank the heroes; the doctors, nurses and health workers that have sacrificed their lives and even their own families to save lives during this Corona virus crisis. We would like them to know how proud we are of their efforts. We should find inspiration in their strength and courage. Let’s respect them and respect ourselves by complying with social distancing. I would also like to thank our government for the great effort they are making in providing support to our medical institutions as well as advising the citizens regarding the extraordinary situation.

It is an important time to unite to combat this virus but also to express our gratitude by caring for one another. I learned from a very young age that giving is a gift. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing while making a difference. I am speaking from experience as the last 27 years, God has given me the opportunity to help our hospitals and healthcare professionals. The joy I receive fulfills me.

I am urging those living in Serbia and the diaspora to think about economic patriotism and give to Serbia. I am also encouraging others to give as well. I know that there is a lot of need in the world right now, but Serbia is facing a difficult challenge not only during this crisis, but it will also face a difficult recovery from Corona.

I have appealed to the Lifeline Offices abroad of which I am patron, London, New York, Chicago and Toronto, to support this effort as I believe our diaspora can make a big difference to save lives in our homeland. Please visit the Foundation website to see the needs and to understand what a difference you can make


Life is beautiful. We have so much to look forward to. It is always important but especially at this crucial time to take care of yourself. Your physical and your mental health must be treasured, as life is truly God’s gift.

My focus during the last 27 years has been to dedicate my support to hospitals and health care professionals and that is the main goal of my Foundation and we are working hard especially at these challenging times.

Dear friends let us all pray to God during these difficult times to stay healthy and take care of yourselves and your families. Please remember, health is wealth. A healthy person has a thousand wishes, and a sick person only one.

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