Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited the Niš County today and opened the renovated county school in Gornja Toponica, for which funds were provided by a donation from Dr Elaine Laycock, who has been a medical consultant for more than 20 years for Lifeline UK Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine, as well as the Medical director. Dr. Laycock equipped and built many institutions – hospital, school and kindergarten in Toponica, school in Kulina, kindergarten in Matejevac, hospital Laza Lazarevic, kindergarten in Bela Palanka, hospital in Krusevac, Clinical Centre in Nis and others.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine presented Dr. Elaine Laycock with a special acknowledgment in gratitude for all her assistance and humanitarian work, at a dinner in her honour, organized at the Royal Palace on Saturday, 21 April 2018.

The donation, worth more than 35,000 Euros, to the elementary school “Branislav Nusic” in Donja Trnava and the Gornja Toponica county school was delivered in stages: in the past two years the school premises were renovated – complete carpentry was replaced, computers and computer equipment were purchased, another multipurpose room was added.

Today, both schools received electric stoves and refrigerators, and the Gornja Toponica county school received 23 desks and 46 student chairs, three chairs for teachers, a white school board, a wardrobe, three air conditioners and video surveillance. Two more air conditioners are intended for the “Little Bee” kindergarten in Gornja Toponica.

During the opening of the regional school, in his speech, HRH Crown Prince Alexander pointed out: “I am extremely proud of the work of her humanitarian Foundation, which has been tirelessly helping Serbia’s educational and healthcare institutions. My family has a long tradition of humanitarian work and I am very happy that this wonderful tradition has been continued by my wife”.

Following their visit to Gornja Toponica, the Royal couple visited The General hospital in Aleksinac and delivered 8 electric beds for the intensive care unit worth 26,500 Euros. This donation was made in collaboration with Project C.U.R.E., a humanitarian organization from Denver, Colorado.

Acting director of the hospital Dr. Goran Vidić, President of the Municipal Assembly Mr. Nenad Stanković and the entire medical staff thanked HRH Princess Katherine for her help and support.

Continuing their visit, Their Royal Highnesses visited the local chapter of the “Kingdom of Serbia” Association, whose patron is HRH Crown Prince Alexander. The “Kingdom of Serbia” Association is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization, whose goal is the restoration of the constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia, with over 20,000 members organized in local chapters all over Serbia.

After, Their Royal Highnesses visites the Health Center and General Hospital in Krusevac. The Royal couple delivered 10 electric beds to the General Hospital in Krusevac for the intensive care unit, totalling 33,500 Euros. This donation was also made in collaboration with Project C.U.R.E., a humanitarian organization from Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Vesna Stevic Gajic, acting director of the hospital and the entire medical staff thanked HRH Princess Katherine for her help and support.

During their visit to Krusevac, the Royal Couple met with HE Dr. Zlatibor Loncar, Minister of Health of Serbia in the Health Center in Krusevac. The Minister emphasizes that Princess Katherine’s support is very significant to the healthcare in Serbia and that today’s donations are extremely helpful both to the medical professionals and the patients.

The very successful cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Crown Princess Katherine Foundation will continue in the future.

In her address, HRH Crown Princess Katherine said: “My husband and I work for the people and help the people whenever we can. Serbia is not just Belgrade and I’m glad we can deliver medical equipment in other cities as well”.

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