Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine deliver today 125 wheelchairs for 10 facilities across Serbia – Special Psychiatric Hospital “Kovin” from Kovin, Home for the Disabled Children “Cradle” in Subotica, Home for Disabled Children and Youth Veternik in Novi Sad, Multiple Sclerosis Society in Belgrade, Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotovic” in Belgrade, Rehabilitation Centre Mladenovac in Belgrade, Special Hospital for Cerebral Paralysis & Developmental Neurology in Belgrade, Home for the Disabled in Doljevac, Home for the Disabled Zemun in Belgrade and Guca Hospital.

The value of the donation is 38,000 EUR and it was made possible with the help of Niagara Falls based group in partnership with humanitarian organizations Lifeline Canada and Lifeline Chicago, whose Patron is HRH Princess Katherine.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander addressed the present, highlighting the great importance of this donation, which he hoped would provide much-needed relief to anyone using wheelchair. Crown Prince Alexander thanked his wife, the humanitarian organization Lifeline Canada and Lifeline Chicago, as well as all the people of Niagara Falls who helped with this donation.

HRH Princess Katherine said in her speech:“Wheelchairs are not just a means of transportation for people with disabilities; they are also a means of work, business and an independent life. Many great people have made their achievements from wheelchairs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president who successfully led his nation to victory in World War II, Stephen Hawking – renowned physicist, Frida Kahlo – famous Mexican artist and many, many more… all of whom have made a huge contribution to humanity through their great works. Even today, many people whose achievements will be celebrated in the future are changing the world for the better in wheelchairs”.

Official delivery at the White Palace attended Mr. Brian Ebel, Canadian Embassy counselor and Deputy mission chief and directors of 10 institutions where donation goes, who thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine for her valuable help.

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