Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Petricevic, Faculty of Medicine Vienna, interview for “Politika”

 Probiotics also have a positive effect on the reproductive organs

In an exclusive interview for “Politika”, Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Petricevic spoke about the achievements and experiences as medical professional, but also about the importance of the Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference, that is organized under the patronage of HRH Crown prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine. The interview was prepared by the journalist of “Politika”, Mrs. Daniela Davivov Kesar, to whom we thank this time as well.

The text, which was published in the printed edition and on the website of “Politika” is also available below:

Many women have difficulties due to infection, but to confirm this, the most important thing is good diagnosis, timely and targeted therapy.

His work at the University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Medical Faculty in Vienna began during his medical studies, as part of a research project by the Austrian Ministry of Health in 1999. Since 2005, he has been employed permanently at the University, while at the clinic for women’s diseases, as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, he performs the function of deputy chief and head of the infectious subdivision. Ten years ago, he was admitted to the college of professors at the Medical University of Vienna, and is actively involved in scientific research in the field of infections in gynecology and obstetrics, as well as in the field of probiotics. Dr. Ljubomir Petricevic is also the vice president of two international organizations for the fight against infections in gynecology and obstetrics, ISIDOG iESIDOG.

You mostly deal with gynecological infections. How often do they occur in women?

Infections are one of the central problems of gynecology and obstetrics. Many women have difficulties that can be caused by infections, but in order to confirm such a condition, the most important thing is good diagnosis, timely and targeted therapy. Excessive and unnecessary therapies are a big problem for conditions that are not an infection in themselves, but are characterized as a problem due to insufficient or incorrect examination. Here we can freely talk about the abuse of antibiotics, as well as antifungal drugs…

How can these infections be prevented?

Prevention is more than half the job. First of all, in case a problem occurs, you should seek professional help and establish exactly whether it is an infection or not. You should not automatically resort to powerful preparations and drugs. It is important to reduce the excessive use of chemical and cosmetic preparations for intimate hygiene. All this can lead to disruption of the normal microbiota (normal microbiological flora and fauna), which can further complicate the infection and develop resistance of certain bacteria and fungi. In addition, it is important to take care of a healthy life, including diet, but also to change life habits in case you have some that are bad.

Is there a connection between the digestive organs and the gynecological region? There are studies that show that the use of probiotics has a positive effect on the reproductive organs.

I could answer this question simply yes. In addition to typical intestinal bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, which is unnecessarily cured if isolated in women, and is known to play a role only in bladder inflammation, the digestive organs are a reservoir for the normal microbiota of the intimate region, which is mostly represented by bacteria called lactobacilli. The positive impact on women’s health, i.e. the normal vaginal flora with the use of local as well as oral preparations with lactobacilli has been proven in numerous scientific journals. This type of therapy should be the primary therapy for all intimate problems, and not the generous use of antibiotics and antifungal drugs. As for the use of oral lactobacilli, there are certain strains that can be isolated from the digestive organs and the intimate region in women at the same time. Such preparations containing lactobacilli, such as L. crispatus, L. Gaserri, have an irrevocable indication for use in gynecological and obstetric conditions.

How important is the connection of doctors from the diaspora with those who work in Serbia? And how important is the participation of our doctors from abroad in the Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference organized by Crown Princess Katherine?

The connection between doctors from the diaspora and Serbia is at a high level. Within the World Organization for the Fight against Infections in Gynecology and Obstetrics, I regularly participate in active medical life in Serbia. Not only with my presence at all congresses that are organized in the entire region, but also with advice and frequent consultations with colleagues from Serbia. In addition, in 2016, Serbia became a member of the world organization, and since then we have been actively spreading awareness about the fight against infections among women and providing assistance to colleagues in Serbia. One of the proofs of active participation in the medical gatherings in Serbia is my presence at the Diaspora Medical Conference organized by Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic. This Conference is traditionally held in Belgrade and every year attracts a large number of colleagues from Serbia and the world. The main motive is to exchange experiences and present the latest achievements in medicine.

Danijela Davidov Kesar

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