The Royal Medical Board issues following press release about the humanitarian activities of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation.

During the last three decades, and especially since the return of the Royal Family to Serbia in 2001, Crown Princess Katherine has dedicated a large part of her activities to help the healthcare system of Serbia and its citizens. HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation was founded two decades ago to institutionalize Crown Princess Katherine’s humanitarian activities. To that end, the Royal Medical Board was established, made up of top professionals from various branches of medicine. The role of the Board is advisory, with the aim of reviewing the situation in Serbian healthcare, as well as directing and coordinating humanitarian activities.

Over the last three decades, healthcare assistance activities have taken place in three directions:

  • Procurement of medical and other equipment necessary for the work of healthcare institutions,
  • Assistance in the reconstruction and renovation of parts of certain health care institutions
  • Assistance in organizing the education of our doctors abroad and organizing conferences of the Serbian Medical Diaspora (SDMC). Contacts with many leading experts in the field of medicine in the world have significantly helped the arrival of the most important authorities in the field of medicine for humanitarian purposes, who in the country and abroad actively participated in the treatment / surgery of patients.

The total value of donated equipment, reconstruction and renovation is almost two billion dinars – more than 15 million Euros. 16 conferences were organized with more than 800 lecturers from all over the world and about ten thousand participants.

All projects were implemented in cooperation with the Ministries of Health, Finance, Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia. The conferences were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. Attached is a list of cities in Serbia, institutions that received aid, as well as institutions with whose cooperation the above activities were carried out.

During the last three decades, Crown Princess Katherine has invested a large part of herself, with her inherent energy, determination and perseverance, in order to help the people of Serbia. In this way, she inspires us, the signatories of this press release, to help her achieve these humanitarian goals, and for the good of our country.

In Belgrade, 12 May 2022, the Royal Medical Board

Professor Dr. Aleksandar Ljubić

Professor Dr. Ida Jovanović

Professor Dr. Nevena Sečen

Professor Dr. Branko Beleslin

Professor Dr. Zoran Todorović

Professor Dr. Aleksandar P. Simić

Professor Dr. Dragana Jovanović

Professor Dr. Snežana Rakić

Doc dr Marija Zdravković

Doc Dr Ana Jovićević

Doc Dr Goran Čuturilo

Doc Dr Tomislav Stantić

Appendix to the Statement of Royal Medical Board

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